Through The Green

This is my second album, released in Peru on September 27, 2019. This is a really speacial album cuz I produced during really hard times and I put on it too much love and power. Also I have to say that I had some cool words from Marty Friedman and those words moved me to make it real and continue fighting.

The Blame

This is a special record I did with a great singer from Russia, Daniela Pikur, best know as Neodaniela. This EP of 5 songs was released virtualy on June 13, 2019. This is so amazing for me cuz you guys can not imagine how it was made, everything was made by internet like sending files, like talking many times about the production and everything because of the huge distance (Russia – Peru). Anyways this is a special record that was taken from so deep inside the pain as consecuence of lack of love. We really loved the resul cuz that shows up so the real huge pain that we felt some time ago, cold and dark. We really hope you love it just like we do.


I’m so proud to say that this is my first album, released in Peru, on October 05, 2018. I was so excited, I had a great drummer at that time called Hans Menacho, one of the best drummers from my country. That was an amazing experiance to work with him and I’m so thankful with everyone involved, including my family who always supported me, specialy my mom, without her patience and love this couldn’t be real.